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Decoding Drapery Header Styles

Posted on May 04 2018

When you are shopping for draperies, one key decision to make is the type of drapery header that's right for your style and the room. From simple to extremely detailed, curtain header style speaks volumes about attention to detail, sometimes more than the fabric itself. 

At HouseThat, we offer different header styles that you can choose from for customizing your drapes. 

Soft Top Style 

Also known as "Flat Panel" style, this is a very popular, simple style. The top of the drapery panel has header tape to attach hooks. These hooks can then be attached to the eyelets of the drapery rings. This style is a great choice for contemporary or minimalist designs and ideal for prints since there are no pleats to interrupt the fabric pattern. 

Pinch Pleat Style 

Also known as French Drapery Pleat, this is a classic and popular style. The fabric is gathered into three small folds and then pinched together to create one pleat. The closer the pleats are placed, the fuller the drapery looks.

The top of the drapery panel has buckram tape to keep the drape firm at the top and attach hooks. These hooks can then be attached to the eyelets of the drapery rings. Since the drapery rings can slide easily on the curtain rod, this is the perfect choice for curtains which are opened and closed frequently. 

Inverted Pinch Pleat Style

A neat and tailored style with 5-inch pleat, the inverted pinch pleat header style is versatile and looks great in both formal and contemporary settings. The bulk of the pleat is positioned to the window-side of the drape, the front presents a flat surface.

Grommet Top Style

The most contemporary style, grommets are sewn on the entire top of the heading so that the drapery pole can slide through. Since they can slide easily on the rod, they are ideal for curtains which are opened and closed regularly. They can be easily arranged into ripple folds to create a uniform, modern look. The finish of the grommets can be matched with other metal finishes in the room for cohesive design. 

Rod Pocket Style

Also known as Pole Pocket style, this is a very popular and easy style where the curtain fabric is turned back on itself to create a pocket. The curtain rod can then slide through this pocket. This style is not suitable for curtains which are frequently opened and closed since the curtain pocket is designed to fit close to the rod so that it can be gathered to create folds. They are usually left open as a decorative side panel often gathered using tie-backs or hold-backs. 

Tab Top Style

Tab Top Style

Tab top curtains are very popular in country style and farmhouse decor homes because of their casual, relaxed look. The "tabs" on tab top curtains are the exposed loops of fabric which are drawn through a curtain rod or pole. They can be styled in different ways by using contrasting fabric on the tabs or including decorative accent buttons. 


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