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How to choose the right curtains

Posted on April 02 2018

Curtains are a great decorative resource in any room in the house and the right set of curtains can either make or break the entire look of the room. They are functional as well, offering privacy, warmth and energy-saving benefits and can serve as room dividers as well. The style of curtains must match that of the room in particular, and with the rest of the house in general. Some are more classic, others romantic, others dramatic and some very modern. With so many drapery fabrics, patterns and styles out there, choosing the right curtain for your room can be overwhelming. We have some great tips to help you choose the right curtains for your room.

Choose material based on privacy and lighting

Selecting the type of drapery fabric for your doors/windows really depends on the amount of privacy and light you would like to have in the room. 

If you are looking to darken the room , it is best to lean on thick fabrics such as velvets, silks or satins.This is especially true for bedrooms or rooms without shutters, where heavier fabrics and darker colors will keep the light out and provide more privacy. Adding privacy or blackout lining to further help block the light and provide more insulation. On the other hand, if you prefer more sunlight in the room like living rooms or dining rooms, the best option is to choose lightweight fabrics like sheers, linen and cotton. These fabrics look best in light and natural colors making the room brighter while still keeping you away from prying eyes. 

If privacy is an issue, then layering sheer panels with heavier drapes is a great idea. The sheer panels can remain drawn  during the day allowing light to come in while still providing privacy. 

Combine it with the rest of the space

The type of room decor will be essential to choosing the right curtains. For example, if the style is modern or contemporary , you can choose panel curtains in linen, sheers or cotton in light tones of gray or white.  If your environment is classic or vintage, then printed or embroidered drapes in satin, silk or solid velvet drapes will work the best. 

Choose solid or patterned curtains in hues that match the color palette of the room. If you want a more dramatic appearance, go bold with colorful patterned, fuller drapes.  For more subtle styling, neutral patterns and colors work the best. 

Pay attention to the length

The entire look of a room and sense of spaciousness changes dramatically based on how high the window treatments are mounted. 

Measure the height from the rod installed at the top of the window to the floor. Remember to account for height of the rings or hanging hardware and how much space you want between the curtains and the floor.

The most common curtain lengths are as follows :

Stop at the window sill: These are short curtains where the hem just touches the window sill. This works well for kitchen and bathroom curtains for more casual look.

Floor length : The edge of the curtains just brush the floor for a more modern, contemporary look. 

Puddled on the floor: Add another two or three inches to the length of the drapes so that it falls in bunches on the floor. This gives the drapes a more formal look and is typically done with premium, luxury fabrics. 

 TIP  : For the installation of the curtains follow the rule of 15 cm! The rod should be placed 15 cm above the window, and the curtain should extend 15 cm on each side of the opening frames to give them an illusion of size and more aesthetic rendering of the space. 

Maintaining your window treatments

Curtains are a big investment for most people. Choose window treatments that can stand the test of time. Think long-term and whether you would like to to buy dry-clean only or washer machine friendly curtains —this will save you time and money in the long run. High quality premium fabrics can get easily ruined if you wash them yourself.

Also, for windows which get a lot of sunlight, consider getting curtains in lighter shades as dark colors tend to fade over time in sunlight. One of the best ways to guard fabric window treatments against fading is to use a protective lining to keep the sun directly off the fabric. 


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