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How to fill a throw pillow

Posted on August 02 2016

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There is no such thing as too many pillows. Whether it is a toss pillow on your favorite couch or a sleep pillow on your bed, pillows not only add comfort but they are an essential decorative element for any space. One of the easiest ways you can update the look of any room is by changing the throw pillows and adding a few more accents like fresh cut flowers, rugs, candles  that coordinate well with each other. Buying throw pillow covers instead of pre-filled throw pillows has its own advantages :

  • Filling choice - You can stuff it with the filler of your choice to make sure they hold their shape, are soft or firm in texture  and are hypoallergenic. 
  • Ease of maintenance -  It is also much easier to clean throw pillow covers rather than cleaning a stuffed pillow. 

There are a couple of different options on how you can fill a pillow

1. Choose a ready made pillow insert

Pillow inserts are available in almost all home decor departmental stores. There are a wide variety of pillow inserts you can choose from - Down feather, Poly-fil Supreme, Feather-Fil and natural bamboo fills etc.

While buying the pillow insert, make sure you pick the right size. The rule of thumb is to choose about half inch to one inch larger than the size of your pillow cover if you want a roomier fill and about two inches larger for an overstuffed look. 

2. DIY pillow filling

Pillow fillings are ready available in craft stores. Why not stuff the pillow yourself ? You can choose from a variety of pillow fillings - synthetic fiber, down alternative, natural cotton, feathers,rubber and even seeds and herbs !

poly fill pillow insert

While choosing the right filler, make sure it has a soft feel and does not clump, otherwise you will end up with a lumpy pillow after a few days have passed. 

Here is a video on how to fill a pillow yourself - 


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